LokalFlip Story

Launched in November 2014

LokalFlip is one of the fastest growing e-commerce marketplace in Canada with over 50,000+ subscribers and more than 60 product categories.

Started by team of 2 to sell Handbags, now we serve our happy customers in wide range of collection including Home Decor, Electronics, Fashion, and Beauty Care Products

We have partnered with hundreds of local sellers to provide easy access to consumers and purchase products online

In 2017, our sales grew more than 30% within Alberta Region

In 2018, Expanded our reach to other major provinces of Canada including Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Ontario

In 2018, Partnered with Metro Star to advertise our products & Services in Canada

In 2018, Partnered with FedEx to expedite our shipping process giving our customers tracking number to track their products online

In 2019, launched Guaranteed 2 Day Shipping anywhere in Canada